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*Apologies to GIR for stealing and altering his “Doom” song

Not much to report generally in the world of crafting viking artefacts; until this past weekend I have only managed a small needle case based on a find from Birka. The bone working guide rather took over and is looking to be more of a “Early Medieval Bone Working” tome rather than a simple guide, and it has seriously eaten into my spare time.

However, I do have a nice little bundle of materials of their way which should arrive today and let me turn out some more goodies.

Weekend Project

Despite my lack of recent crafting, I did manage to turn out something over this last weekend. My wife has been wanting a small table top warp weighted loom for a while and so we set off to the Shed(tm) and hunted through the various scraps of wood lying around until we found enough bits and pieces for a suitable loom.

Other than using an electric sander to finish off with, the wood was all worked and shaped with planes and draw knives. The loom itself is assorted pines held to together with pegs of Mountain Ash. The legs for the back are hinged on the uprights with leather and the joints are clench-nailed for stability.

The whole operation probably took the pair of us about 8 hours – including selecting timber and oiling the frame.

Sooner or later, I may get around to making and posting plans of it as well.