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Once again despite my best efforts I have allowed a blog to fall by the wayside and  not get updated as often as I would like. /sigh

However, it has not all been in vain, the reason for the lack of updating is because as well as the usual hectic stuff that accompanies Christmas time and things, I have been rather busy making things and writing. So I already have my next posts in the pipeline and half written, and for today a selection of the various things I have been making in the last few months.

I also have started a board on Pinterest with an assortment of my other bits and pieces I make in bone etc (http://pinterest.com/vikeboneworker/halldors-boneworking/).

york dragon pin

Bone pin based on a find from York, lightly incised to represent a dragon’s head

pins 1

From top; generic round headed pin, thistle headed pin, zoomorphic pin based on find from Jarlshof, zoomorphic pin based on a find from York

axe & cruciform pinsTwo cruciform pins and two axe headed pins

spatula headed pin

Generic broad headed pin with carved interlace

styBone stylus based on find from York

So that’s some of what I have been working on recently (with artistic and carving help from my wife). Hopefully the next post will be a bit more informative and up by the end of the week.