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These past few weeks I have been able to diligently work away and produce a few new bits and pieces (and not all pin orientated 😀 ). Additionally, I also got my lathe up and running again, thankfully the exploding bearing that initially killed it was not serious and has caused no permanent damage anywhere. So I have been able to start some bone turning projects on top of everything else – the list just gets longer and longer.

Another item that just made the list even bigger (potentially never ending) is my decision to expand my bone-crafting outwards from the years 500-1100AD and basically start making artefacts from any time period. These initial forays into unknown eras are shown below.

Textile tools of different periods

First up is a small selection of textile tools from the Roman and Medieval periods.heddle (PS)

Above is a rigid heddle made of bone and bronze (with copper rivets). It is based on a late Roman find from the fort at South Shields. While not identical (single R&D decoration instead of double etc), it is approximately the same size as the original and constructed in the same way with each plate of bone containing 2 of the vertical slates.

Moving on a few hundred years, we have an Anglo Saxon needlecase (below). This is cut from a red deer metapodial and is based on a smaller find from Thetford, as well as early Saxon finds from Germany. This style of mammal bone needlecase is possibly a cultural or geographical inspired artefact, as further north (Scandinavia etc) they appear to prefer needlecases of birdbone instead (such as this one I made for my mother last year, it’s right at the bottom of the page).


Finally in the textile tools list, (and the first of my lathe turned items) are a pair of Medieval thread reels and a generic thread reel. The top two are from York and are dated mid 13th Century (top) and early 14th Century (middle). These are also both hollow, possibly functioning as a combined needle case and thread reel. The bottom reel is loosely based on an un-stratified find in antler from York.

thread reels

Belt fittings

Technically this heading is a lie – there is only a single strap end as the replica buckle I have been working on is incomplete. This particular end is nothing specific, simply an old rough out I had (with way too many holes for some reason ^^) that needed decorating, so it has now been finished off with a fairly standard interlace.

strap end

Parchment pricker

While my long term plan regarding implements for writing (making a copy of the Blytheburgh tablet) is still some way from fruition, I did turn out a rather nice little 14th century parchment pricker.


Pin time!

I couldn’t craft a whole bunch of stuff and not include at least one pin 😀 So here is this post’s offering – a replica of a duck/goose/swan headed pin from Viking Dublin.

duck pin

Thanks for reading 🙂