Just a quick update for now. This past weekend saw me at Segedunum Roman Fort for a thoroughly enjoyable day of bone working and combat demos (I am currently sat with numerous bruises from a Dane Axe but it was all good fun! :D).

Unfortunately the public seemed to be present most of the time so I didn’t get a chance to whip out the camera and take some piccies, but I think one of the group did don civvies and photograph us so there should be some pictures within the next week or so.

The next show is also another Roman Fort (Arbeia) and the day after that I will be demonstrating 16th boneworking at the Flodden and 16th Century Discovery Weekend so I need to get some research done before then.

Given my recent prehistoric craftings and the forthcoming Flodden show, I seem to be getting less time to spend on the Early Medieval, but hopefully this will only be for a short while and then I can get stuck back into some more Saxon & Viking projects.