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One of the things I wish to do in 2014 is start to build up a substantial portfolio of images, both of my work and kit, and of myself in kit going about everyday activities (and bone working of course!).

As I didn’t any decent resolution pictures of me doing any bone working, and there was possibly someone wanting some, I decided to have a little “test shoot” at the weekend to try and get a few better pictures and just experiment a little with composition and layout.

It was only a quick shoot and some of the images are not perfect, but the setting is nice and the weather stayed good (the day before had been horrendous) so they are not too bad 🙂

Working on a cruciform pin outside A selection of bone working tools Boneworking inside a Saxon house Decorating a needlecase using a bow drill A basketful of raw materials Close up of bone sword fittings Carving a bird headed pinOn the whole I am quite happy with the photos, the only one I wish was significantly better is the last one – that would have been really good if the focus was sharper, but there is always next time!