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As I believe I have mentioned before, I am trying to take my kit and craft display up a notch for this year. While my actual personal kit, i.e. what I wear/carry, has been coming along nicely and is almost as correct as I think is possible (I will be writing a post about that soon enough for everyone to rip apart 🙂 ), my craft display is still lacking.

The basic aim is to have a table of completed artefacts and a range of raw materials for the people to look at, a comprehensive toolkit and a small portable workbench with capacity to be a bow lathe. Most of this has been the mainstay of my display for years (except for the bench), but I feel I need to expand it and just generally polish the display as a whole. However, so far all I have managed to make is the stool that I need to sit at the bench and the bench top itself is roughed out. Having various orders coming in from all over the place seems to be eating up my spare time that I would normally be spending on my own goodies. In order to counter this I have been trying new idea – “A pin a day”.

One of the most common artefacts found is the bone pin. These vary from a simple re-cut pig fibula right the way up to intricately carved dragon headed pins and everything in between. Thus, a good selection of bone pins is an important part of any boneworking display. As a way of achieving this, I have been making sure that every day for the last week I have made a pin regardless of whatever else I may or may not have done. Even with making some other items over the weekend, sticking to “a pin a day” has ensured that recently I have made 9 new pins. If I can keep this up for the next month until the first show of the year, I will have added more than 40 new pins to my display, in addition to anything else I find the time to make.

So, in order, here are the pins I have made this week (and a bit) and their provenance 🙂

All the pins!

A pin a day for a week


Sunday's pin (Buckquoy)

A bone pin based on a Viking age find from Buckquoy, Orkney.


Monday's Pin (York)

A bone pin based on a Viking find from York, England. Annoyingly, this particular piece of has a tiny crack running through it that caused the back of one of the “ears” to shear off :/


Tuesday's Pin (York)

Another bone pin based on a Viking find from York, England.


Wednesday's Pin (York)

Another bone pin based on a Viking find from York, England.


Thursday's Pin

Another bone pin based on a Viking find from York, England. Not all of the decoration can be seen on this one, but there are actually indentations on the head around the perforation.


Friday's Pin

This is a generic pin “in the style” of many pins found throughout Iron Age, Pictish and Viking Britain.


Saturday's Pin (Birsay)

A bone pin based on a Viking find from the Brough of Birsay, Orkney. The small indentation decoration also continues of the top of the head.


Sunday's Pin (Jarlshof)

An axe headed bone pin based on a find from Jarlshof, Shetland.


Monday's Pin (Skaill)

A bone pin based on Pictish and Viking finds from various places such as Skaill, Orkney.

As mentioned above, I did make things other than pins over the weekend, the most impressive of which is this comb made of reindeer antler.

Double sided reindeer antler comb

Double sided reindeer antler comb