Once again I seem to be starting a post by commenting and apologising for how long it has been since my last post (sorry!), however, this time I do at least have a really good reason . At the end of November we suddenly had to move house, so in the space of barely three weeks the contents of 2 sheds, a workshop, a well maintained garden and a 3 bedroom house had to been moved and set up again in time for Christmas, and while we are now settled in I am still waiting to find out exactly what will be done about a new workshop and so all crafting things are on hold until I can at least get my tools and materials out of storage. Unfortunately this also means that my Etsy shop is currently down until I can get everything up and running again.

Also, the article I mentioned back in October has been finished and is just waiting for some final checks from the editor, before hopefully being published this month. This has also been a bit of a push towards trying to complete my book (which has ended up being left alone for some months).

The lack of workshop space and time spent in the shed does however mean that I have more time for writing and so I may get around to finishing off some drafts that have been gathering dust for far too long, as well as some new ideas. One is particular is something that has come from my last post about necklaces and that is the use of finger-rings by male Vikings, which is not something I have researched extensively but there does seem to be an interest so I may add that to the list.