It has taken me the best part of a year but my area of our new workshop is now is some semblance of order and I can get cracking with things again. However I haven’t posted since February and so a brief explanation is no doubt in order.

The new house and garden required a reasonable amount of work (new kitchen, reflooring and tiling bathroom etc) which took it’s time even before looking at the shed. Once the shed was attacked, it became quite an ordeal to cram all of our stuff in – we moved from having a 16′ x 8′, an 8′ x 6, a 16′ x 20′ and a large double room workshop to a single 17′ x 12′ and a normal garden shed. So that has meant vast quantities of stuff has had to go 😦

Separate to that, my article I have been writing passed it’s first review but needed quite a serious rewrite (not surprising as it is my first academic paper), it then passed the second review with only minor edits and so is well on the way to being published next year! I am already looking at a subject for my next paper – a proper academic write-up of my now infamous post about boar tusks.

So, things are slowly coming back around and hopefully I can set to boneworking again more regularly in the New Year. In anticipation of that my Etsy shop is once again active though I am building up what is available so not everything is up for sale just yet.

As a kick-start for inspiration I also recently took a trip to the Hancock museum in Newcastle to have a look at all their bone and antler artefacts, photos of which are in the gallery of this blog.

Thank you to my previous readers/followers for hanging around still and hello to any new ones since I last posted. I promise it won’t be so long until the next post 🙂