About Me

Hi I am Halldor Magnusson (son of Magnus Sigurdsson and a long line of other “…sons” 🙂 ) or at least I am when I am re-enacting, otherwise I am Dave.

I am a member of the two largest Early Medieval re-enactment societies in the UK (the Northumbria Herred of the Vikings! and the group St Cuthbert’s Land in Regia Anglorum). I have been portraying what life was like during the so-called “Dark Ages” (approx. 800AD-1066AD) for the last 10 years. In this time I have traveled up and down the UK as well as going over to Norway, teaching about the period and learning new skills. Some of these I am still honing (such as blacksmithing) but in others I am more accomplished (bone and antler working mainly). Additionally, I also get to hit people with an assortment of weaponry 😀

This blog is intended as place where I will post about both my exploits regarding re-enactment (both IRL and in character) as well as showcasing some of my crafting, any info and guides I think are worth putting on the internet and any other general useful stuff that I come across.

I hope you enjoy reading the blog find it both informative and useful.

I can be contacted via my Facebook page, or the following form.


9 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Paul Dore said:

    Hi Dave, Nice articles on Boneworking. i have just started to get into this and i noticed you mentioned writing a book on the subject. Do you have any idea when it will be ready for purchase? I would love a copy. Thanks, Paul

    • I am glad you like the blog, at least now I know I have one reader 🙂 Depending on research the book should be out spring/summer 2014. It includes a rather large typology section which is pretty huge and research intensive, as well as all the practical experimentation I am doing (one of which will be ongoing for a minimum of 3 months once I start it).


      • Linda Eldred Hardin said:

        Will you ever be selling your carved antler spindle whorls? I love to spin and as another person with viking heritage I would love to have a drop spindle like that.

      • The quick answer is yes, I am willing to sell pretty much anything I make. As this is just a blog, I will send you an email covering details of how I sell (usually Ebay/paypal etc) 🙂


  2. Hi I was delighted to find your blog. I am a weaver in Durham specialising in narrow bands. I would love to buy a couple of your bone strap ends. Could you let me have details.
    I loved your reproduction of the Roman rigid heddle from South Shields – do you also do copies of the heddle?

    • Thanks for the comment: Usually I am willing to sell virtually anything I make. As this is just a blog, I will send you an email covering details of how I sell (usually Ebay/paypal etc) 🙂


  3. Hi,
    Finally discovered your gallery, beautiful artfacts. Do you use any specific tools for working on bone?

    I have been trying to make Roman style hairpins, I have prouduced a few flat ones but am finding it difficult to produce rounded ones. Would you say that all those types were produced on a lathe.



  4. Hi – am needing a replacement bone hairpin as lost mine over the weekend! Can you help? Jo

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