This page is a showcase of a selection of the various items I have made from bone, antler and horn. Many have been featured in posts on the blog, but some have not been posted elsewhere. While most items are Early Medieval in date, my range covers from the Stone Age through to modern items.

Galleries can also be viewed on Facebook and Pinterest, or purchased from my Etsy shop.

Textile Tools

As the largest category, it seems only right to put textile orientated tools first.

Clothing & Hair Pins

Pins have been used on clothes and hair for millennia, here are some examples.

Belt Fittings

An assortment of bone buckles and strap ends. These are not actually as common as many people think and most of these examples are “in the style of” or based on the shape of certain finds rather than direct copies.

Writing Implements

These are all based on Early medieval finds with the exception of the parchment pricker which is 14th century.


Various other items that currently don’t fit into another category.

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