Halldor is moving

As followers of this blog will have noticed, I haven’t posted here for some time.

Instead, after my hiatus from boneworking, I have decided to move from a blog format to a dedicated website showcasing my work, that I can update with “News” as and when. As well as having more control over the layout and such compared to a free blog, I also feel less guilty about not producing regular posts for it.

The irony would be that if it proves popular and I make more artefacts then I will by extension end up with more to post about……. but we shall see.

So, I am not deleting this blog, I will leave it here and may possibly come back to it in the future if it seems worthwhile, but for now I will be migrating and updating the more popular content to my new website which can be found at http://www.hmboneworking.com

I hope you enjoy the new site and continue to follow me.