The show at Bamburgh last weekend was on the whole a pretty good one – the weather was good (until Monday afternoon, but even then was only mildly damp), the public seemed interested and many of them were surprised at finding our little encampment (there was not a lot of advertising for it ^^) and even better for me I broke no kit and suffered no facial injuries! 😀 This last point is particularly important to me because the last time I was at Bamburgh my dane axe broke, the time before that I took a sword thrust to the eye and the last show I did in 2012 saw me take an arrow to face and and my nose to explode in a bloody haze.

As part of my documenting my shows and creating galleries I had planned to take a load of photos of the camp and various people’s setups over the weekend, but after a handful of pictures the batteries in my camera failed and I realised I had forgotten to bring fresh ones with me. Unfortunately this means that I have very few photos of the show, but our groups own photo-documenter has uploaded hers onto flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/29400171@N04/sets/72157633765620133/).

I have not had as much time recently as I would have liked to get into the shed and continuing making stuff so I have no new items to show or such. Just about the only thing I seem to have time for recently is my verdigris making setup, which after a few tweaks is working quite nicely. The two major points I have learnt regarding it are; 1) try and let the acid fumes easily work their way around all the copper, I have a seed tray with a mesh stretched over the top and the copper rests on the mesh to increase available surface area, 2) instead of scraping the verdigris off the copper, brushing with a brass bristle wire brush seems to be better (WARNING: do not breath in the fine dust, it stings and I am sure it isn’t healthy!)

Hopefully my next post will be a tad more exciting and I will get some decent pictures from my next show.